Monday, November 11, 2013

eBay Shopping List

Hey guys!
So it definitely starting snowing here today, and I need to hop on my winter shopping. I'm trying to get more into eBay because I've seen people get some serious deals. Room update: I'm all moved in and the closet is almost completely set up! All I have left to do is finish moving in some of my smaller items and get some rugs because I now have wooden floors. The room turned out lovely, and I'm too ecstatic to show you guys! But I digress, here is my winter eBay list :)

The link to this skirt is here.

Velvet is always in for Winter--skirts especially. I found this super cute skirt for cheap enough that I would want to buy two of them! It's only $9!

Remember when I posted that Etsy wishlist with a snowflake ring? Well I found a similar, much cheaper alternative! This ring is around only $5. Unfortunately it's not the same sort of quality, but it's a fourth of the price. 

You can find this ring here.

I don't normally partake in auctions, but these easy jeans are going for only $30. (!!!!!) I may have to jump in on this one.

Link: here

Around this time last year, I watched one of Hellokatyxo's videos in which she wore a J Crew sweater similar to this. Since then I have been on lookout for that sweater, and I think I found it!

Source: here

I'm still a little iffy about eBay, but I'm slowly getting over it.

Talk to you soon!

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